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Floor Display Racks

Floor Display Racks

Cost-Effective and Space-Saving Floor Display Racks

Plush toys, greeting cards, women's name it and we've got floor display racks to hold it. Durable construction and a small footprint give you functionality. When you place an attractive display of accessories in a high-traffic location, shoppers will easily spot the perfect T-shirt or pair of sunglasses for any occasion. And the lightweight wire frame design of these merchandisers help save on shipping costs while still offering plenty of stability for years of use. Most floor displays are in stock and ready to ship, so you won't waste time waiting for delivery.

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Floor display racks are one of the most necessary displays throughout your store. Wall after wall of shelves is a great way to store most items, but you also want to give your customers a visual break periodically. By using floor display racks, from peg and hook spinners to corrugated cardboard displays or tray merchandisers, you break up the flow of movement through your store and encourage customers to really stop and look at the products that you’re offering. Floor display racks have a number of purposes throughout your store.

Display Awkward Items

Not every item you sell is designed to fit perfectly on a shelf. Whether it’s oddly shaped, has a bottom that isn’t entirely flat, or simply doesn’t stack well, some items look better on a hanging display rack. Our selection gives you plenty of freedom to choose the type of display that will work best for the layout of your store and those important awkward items.

Highlight Sales and Important Items

When items go on sale, you want them to move! This is the best time to interest customers in checking out new products, stocking up on old favorites, or simply trying a brand that they might not otherwise have noticed. Unfortunately, too many customers get in a hurry to sweep through the store and don’t even have time to notice those critical sales! Fortunately, floor display racks allow you to attract their attention where you want it most. Whether you’re looking to show off a sale or simply showcase important items throughout your store, floor displays are a great way to do it.

Break the Flow

When customers come into your store with one purpose in mind, they may find themselves sweeping through the store without ever actually looking around them. Floor displays allow you to break the flow through the store and encourage customers to slow down and do some impulse shopping—which raises your income as a result!

Easily Change Seasonal Displays

You don’t want your customers to see the same thing every time they set foot in your store. Seasonally-designed floor displays are a great way to easily mix up your visible merchandise, encouraging customers to purchase the items they most need for the season.

Your floor displays are one of the critical elements of your store’s design. By carefully placing items throughout the store, you can create better flow through your store, highlight items that customers could potentially purchase on impulse, and raise your profits. These great floor displays will allow you to choose the type of display that will work best for your store and your customers. From dump bins and baskets to wire displays, all of your display needs can be found in the categories below.