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Countertop Display Racks

Countertop Display Racks

Capitalize on Limited Space with Countertop Displays

When space is at a premium, retail counter displays help ensure every square foot earns its keep. For gift and souvenir shops, these compact racks are perfect for showing off limited collections. In addition, small, promotional, or seasonal items displayed near the cash register can significantly increase impulse buys. Durably built and available in a variety of styles, table top displays are available to hold everything from candy to clothing.
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When customers walk through your store, where is it that they spend the most time? Chances are, if your store is like many others, they’re spending that time lingering around countertops: the checkout counter, the display counter where employees work the most often, and other counters where they are most likely to interact with your employees. If you aren’t taking advantage of that valuable space to market impulse purchases, you’re missing out on a great chance to increase the value of every customer’s visit to your store!

Countertop displays have a number of advantages. They’re small, portable, and easy to change out based on the changes of seasonal merchandise, the unique needs of your customers, or the items that you most need to display at any given moment. Not only that, they’re typically placed in locations that are under heavier supervision by your employees, making it easier for you to keep an eye on small items that are most often targets for thieves.

When you choose a countertop display for your business, there are a number of elements that you want to consider. Of course, you want to design a display that is eye-catching and intriguing, but not too cluttered. By considering the right elements, you can be sure that the countertop display you’ve chosen fits your needs.

Element One: Your available space. You don’t want to over-crowd your countertop with too many items. Not only will it lead to mental overload for most of your customers, it will prevent them from using the countertop for other purposes: filling out checks, signing receipts, or taking care of other business. Instead, choose a countertop display that can be placed in an area that is highly visible, but that won’t cause problems for your customers when they need the space.

Element Two: Your products. Your products have a serious impact on which countertop display you need. How big are the products that you’d like to display? While small items like sunglases  are often most beneficial as impulse purchases and a sunglasses countertop rack should be used, a smaller number of larger items can also be displayed. You just need to make sure they fit on your rack! You’ll also need to know how heavy your items are: light duty racks are perfect for holding lightweight items while medium duty racks can hold heavier items.

Element Three: Your vision. What do you want out of your countertop display? From peg and hook spinners to baskets and jars, wire panels, or clip strips, you can choose a countertop display that will mesh with your vision for your store. The products you choose and the available space will help determine which one is right for you, but keeping your vision and theme in mind is also paramount!

Countertop displays are prime retail space in your store. This is your opportunity to interest customers in exactly the products you most want to sell, letting them take a longer look while they wait for other customers or employees to take care of their current tasks. Don’t let this vital piece of space go to waste!