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Moveable Hanging Clip (PACK OF 100)

SKU: 611

Provides adjustable hanging points on Snapping Rail (#608) and Superail (#684).
Our Price $17.50 each
Product Description

This moveable hanging clip is designed to provide adjustable hanging points for either the superail or the snapping rail solutions. A four-foot length of banner will need a minimum of two clips in order to hang properly, providing the support the banner needs in order to look its best. Longer banners or those that are heavier will need more clips in order to support their weight. These moveable hanging clips are easy to slide into place and can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of your banners as your signs change over time.

Product Information
  • ColorClear
  • MaterialPlastic (PVC)
  • Placement StyleCeiling Hanging
  • SKU611