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Get the Hat Rack that Fits Your Needs

Hats come in many shapes and sizes. They are both a fashion statement and a functional item. Selecting the right hat is a personal choice for any shopper. If your store has hats for sale, a hat rack is something you need to have on hand.

You can get a hat rack to fit your needs here at Marvolus Manufacturing. We offer display racks for men's, women's hats, and baseball type caps.

Men's hat racks are perfect for displaying Western hats as well as other styles of hats that can use a wide, sturdy arm for support. Each hat sits on an angled loop that provides support for the inside of the hat while angling it for an attractive display. Each tier can handle 4 hats. The number of tiers depends on the height and use of the rack. You can go with a wider display if you want to display Western hats exclusively.

Women's hat racks are the perfect way to display more decorative hats. Instead of an angle loop like in the men's displays, the women's displays use a flat platform at the end of an arm angled at 90 degrees up. To protect the hats, each platform can be covered with a foam pad. Each hat rack has a series of arm tiers stacked one on top of each other. The height and number of arms on the rack depends on the height and purpose.

A special kind of hat rack is the cap rack. Baseball caps are probably the most popular hat sold today. Displaying them is a bit different from more formal hats, like the Western style. Baseball caps display best when sitting flat on a shelf. This shows the cap's colors and logo while retaining its shape. You can get cap racks in multiple configurations and styles to meet your specific display needs.

Our hat racks are made of quality materials so that they will last for years of customer use. We keep many items in stock and available to ship immediately. Some of our products, including some of our hat racks, are special order. They might take a bit longer, but the quality and versatility is well worth the wait. We offer them at the best prices possible.

If you are in the market for a hat rack, you need to contact us here at Marvolus Manufacturing. We can get your order in today and get your hats on display as soon as possible. If you need other display products as well, take a look around our website or give us a call. We are here to help.